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TreesTribe Tickets

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We appreciate your support for what we call "The Year Zero", it’s a preview year of what’s to come but that doesn’t mean it won’t be magical and full of amazing moment. 


To show our gratitude, this TreesTribe complimentary ticket for the weekend (vip retail value 200E). We will pre-charge you a 100 euro for your RFID bracelet for F&B credit to spend onsite. And you'll have access to Backstage, Wellness, Talks and TreesTribeZone, 

On July 1st you are also invited to a pre-night diner to the rebuild Ukraine 🇺🇦 following by a party which will feature some of the best artists from Ukraine and France. Tickets for that dinner is separate and goes to charity. 


For non-parisian, separately will be sending info for where to stay (Paris Artist hotel) and what to do (best restaurants in Paris). This is not a camping festival. The location is right next to major Parisian historical sites and hotels. It’s a vibrant and gorgeous area.


Thanks for your support and see you in the Forest ! 

Swamy & Benjamin K.

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